Gita Story

Gita Story

Time seems to move slowly when you are awaiting your final job interview. From a hundred applicants; there are now three. This is the interview that will determine who will get the coveted job. “Relax. Breathe in and out. You are going to be fine.” I told myself.I recently graduated from university with a journalism degree; which is apt because my story is the definition of human interest. I was 5 when my mother and I took a train to visit my grandmother. Somehow, I got separated from my mother and got lost. I looked around and saw vast farmlands; farmers working at the fields, laughing, drinking, eating, resting; cows grazing the field contentedly. The scenery was so peaceful, so beautiful.

I stayed transfixed at the serenity of the farm for hours; until the railway guard saw me. I told him I was lost. He looked at me kindly and said he will bring me to the house of Mr. Harjeet and his wife, they are school teachers.

Mr. Harjeet and his wife, Rem, looked at me and said they help me find my family. ”Until we can find your family; you’ll attend in Education Without Boundaries, the school we teach in.” I was both scared and excited at the same time.

The next morning, I went to school. One month passed and they were not able to find my family. Six months, one year, two years; still nothing. Mr. Harjeet and Mrs. Rem, I call them Pa and Ma now, did not stop trying.

Meanwhile, I was in Punjab, having the best years of my life. I love the serenity of the farm, the kindness of the people, and the peacefulness of the community. I have many friends in school and in the village. Eventually, I forgot that I was trying to find my family. I belonged here.

I love my school, the Education Without Boundaries. Ma and Pa worked passionately. The teachers are kind and patient. The children and their stories are inspiring. Everyone is very eager to learn. I also loved learning English, Math, and Science; but I loved English the most.

When I was old enough for college, I took up Journalism. Two months ago, I graduated; and there in the audience, crying, were Pa and Ma, proud of what we had accomplished.

No matter what happens in my final interview today, I will be proud and grateful. Grateful for wonderful adoptive parents, grateful for Education Without Boundaries which provided me with the education I deserved, and grateful for the opportunity to tell my story. May I inspire others to reach out to the sky for their dreams.