Mrs. Nand Kaur Anand (1937- 2001)

Mrs Nand Kaur Anand was better known as being a supportive wife of Mr. Harbhajan Singh Anand. She was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 23rd October 1937. Mrs Nand Kaur Anand studied till 10th in Rawalpindi and later shifted to Meerut with her family.

She got married on 14th October 1957 and then started a journey of being the life support for her husband, Mr. Harbhajan Singh Anand and proud mother of two sons, Amanpreet Singh Anand and Thaminder Singh Anand and daughters Tejinder Kaur and Amrinder Kaur.

Mrs Nand Kaur Anand was into managing the household to its fullest and looking after her husband, children and family. She brought up her children with utmost love and care and making them grow in the best way she can. She was also the member of the rotary club.

Mrs Nand Kaur Anand left for her heavenly abode on 6th April, 2001 in Los Angeles.

Mr. Harbhajan Singh Anand (1930-2008)

‘A man of principles’ and a thorough ‘hard worker’ are the words that describe such a great personality of that of Mr. Harbhajan Singh Anand. Born at Rawalpindi, Punjab (now in Pakistan) on 30th June 1930, Mr. Anand went up to great heights being the managing director of world renowned Anand Synthetics Pvt. Ltd founded by his father Mr. Hira Singh Anand, a entrepreneur himself. H.S Anand led a proud successful life and left a family of two sons and daughters who are well known entrepreneurs themselves.

Harbhajan Singh Anand completed his schooling from Khalsa School in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. A very intelligent youngsters and a struggler off course with dreams to realm high with the inclination to succeed that made him leave Pakistan at the age of 15 with his family after passing the high school exam, to land up selling salt along roadsides (patri) to make up for the living with his father. This gesture of being a hard worker was thereby dwelt inside him and was there up till the time he breathed his last.

Harbhajan Singh Anand was credited for running Anand Synthetics Pvt. Ltd, best known as ‘Anand Suitings’ which soon came to be known as the makers of finest quality Polyster blended suitings and shirtings. Mr. H.S. Anand was the successor of Anand Synthetics led by his father, Mr. Hira Singh Anand. Mr. Harbhajan Singh Anand received the prestigious Industrial Award in the year 1975 for the excellence of work portrayed with sincerity and for attaining self sufficiency. Mr. Anand was honored with this award by the Institute of Trade and Industrial Development on the occasion of the Inaugural function of the economic development conference by Vice President of India, Mr .B.D. Jatti on behalf of Mr. Fakruddin Ali Ahmed, President of India. Harbhajan Singh’s father, Mr. Hira Singh Anand and he himself being the managing director of Anand Synthetics were regarded as the sole self made Industrial family by receiving this honor and making the name ‘Anand Textiles’ the talk of households.

Mr. H.S. Anand was also honored with the National Shiromani Award and the one he received from the International Punjabi Association, thereby spreading his family success story, world wide.

Mr. Harbhajan Singh Anand was the proud head of the family accompanied by his supportive wife Mrs. Nand Kaur Anand and by his two sons and two daughters. He married Nand Kaur on 14th October 1957. His sons, Mr. Amanpreet Singh Anand and Mr. Thaminder Singh Anand are successful entrepreneurs of leading chains of import and export companies and software ventures respectively with branches world wide and truely living up to the expectation of their father Mr. Harbhajan Singh Anand. His two daughters Tejinder Kaur and Amrinder Kaur are well settled in Delhi and London, respectively.

Contribution towards Society and Religion
Not just being a successful entrepreneur, Harbhajan Singh Anand led a disciplined life with his benevolent efforts as well as being the member of the Rotary club and chairman of the Cancer Foundation.

When talking of the religious aspect Mr. Harbhajan Singh Anand was a thorough representative of the Sikh community to which he belonged and participated in the religious movement of the Akali Dal and was also sentenced to imprisonment in 1961 for spreading the agenda of the movement.

Harbhajan Singh Anand left for his heavenly abode on 30th December, 2008 in Delhi, leaving behind his principles inculcated in young minds to get inspired with such a great life with a benevolent bent of mind to have the same diligence, sincerity and the determination to excel and proving the very saying, “Where there is will there is a way”.