Children are our future leaders, we need to take good care of them to help out with their educational needs that will make them a more independent lot, striving to their best to reach new heights and becoming a better person. Harnand foundation takes up the pledge to fulfill the need to attain proper education and enter into a vocation that the young minds and their families have dreamt off.

We bring to you some true and innocent words inculcated in little minds eager to be enlightened with values and education that is a right today with no gender bias of any sort. This will be ensured through remedial counseling to the children and a multitude of follow up of activities for the parents and guardians and thereby asking them to encourage their children to attend schools to become literate, learn math, speak good English and be capable in living life under their terms and get self dependent. Harnand foundation also aims to provide some sort of vocational training for a better tomorrow.

The children, mostly living in slums, in poorly built shelters and near railway tracks have all got a story to tell with a dream of achieving the unachievable, if only we can identify and help them to reach up to the level of their dreams. It is the innocence that speaks and only efforts can show them the light of fulfillment for their dreams to become a reality. Together we can let it happen to make the poorest and deprived child, the most fortunate ever.

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A 9 years old who dreams it big. It was years ago that Priya came to Delhi with her Parents and elder brother Prakash aiming to prove their best to the world but under-privileged is the curse for them depriving them of many things with education as one of it. Priya’s parents earn little working as domestic helpers but try and give their children the basic education without letting their children be the victim of the curse. Both Priya and her brother Prakash attain remedial education at Harnand foundation.

Mom and Dad work as domestic helpers and would never want their children to lead life as they do. Priya’s innocence speaks up and she says “I want to be Doctor because I have a fascination towards the Doctors who wear white coats and I want to wear it one day.” This is what she says being unknown to the fact that she can get it done with the education that she is attaining as the word Impossible can also be read as ‘I’ ‘m’ ‘possible’. Priya loves to read and write English and a learning sentence formation.


It is to narrate about the innocence in the eyes of little Saraswati, an 8 year old with a life of an under-privileged, who are destined to despair and illetracy from the day they are born but this was not what Saraswati’s parents wanted for her and therefore she is attaining her elementary education as part of the remedial education program at harnand foundation.

Admitted in the 3rd Standard, Saraswati is happy to learn the fundamentals of education to carry on with it further to get into the vocation of her choice. Saraswati has two Sisters, Anita and Deepika who also attain education to dream big. This little girl aspires to be a Doctor and her innocent words say that she just want to do it because she hates seeing people getting ill and suffering. She just wants to cure them, no matter what. She likes to study English as it is her favorite subject and loves to write in English. Only a few words though but those words are inspiring enough for Saraswati to continue it further to form sentences and paragraph’s and one day be able to write her own success story.

Saraswati’s parents work as domestic helpers in households and get to earn a meager amount but still dream it big for their children. On approaching, Saraswati’s parents were more than happy to encourage and send her to attain education at Harnand foundation at no cost to aim high in life without any single thought of being inferior or deprived in any way.


Goma is a sweet little girl who is mischievous at times but dreaming it big for herself and never letting the feeling of the deprived overpower her. Goma originally belongs to Nepal and stays in Delhi with her family for over a year. Earlier she used to live ideally at home doing the basic household chores with her mother until we encouraged her to attend her education of which she is entitled to.

Goma, is ever since happy to go to school and attend coaching at Harnand Foundation. It was at one point of my time when Goma’s mother told us “I wonder of how the world would be for my kids, if they get the education they deserve and if somebody could just help them out unconditionally.” To which we replied, “Certainly we will help and the world would be different as to what it is now, they will then be able to earn a name for themselves”. This mother of two was very much relieved by what we said and is therefore happy for Goma and her younger sister as both of them are learning at Harnand Foundation.

Goma is happy to hold the pencil and scribble in English, do addition and learn Hindi as well. English is her favorite subject and she just loves to make sentences out of words with the word SUCCESS in it, yes, that very word that will lead her to her dreams one day and we at Harnand eventually making her believe that. Goma aspires to be a Teacher as she innocently believes, “Teachers know about everything good and bad and make us aware of good things in life and they are very helpful too.”


A boy, dreaming it high and studying hard in the 7th Standard. He belongs to the deprived class but is ambitious enough to do wonders. Neeraj just hates the life of the deprived and despises the poverty surrounding him that makes him long for bare necessities of life. “I want to get out of this and I will do it one day and give my family a better life.”

A brother of two sisters is the elder in the family and is happy that his family encourages her sisters to get educated as well. Neeraj’s father works as a rickshaw puller and sometimes works extra hours to earn some more to be able to educate his children. Neeraj’s mother hardly gets time for her household chores as she goes out to work in other households but still encourages her children to leave everything and study hard and she would manage the rest. In other words the family and Neeraj himself is determined to fight all odds and get the even out of it.

Bravely enough, Neeraj wants to be police officer to stop criminal activities and corruption to which he and his family are often the victims. He loves to study English and is often busy perfecting himself . Neeraj studies at Harnand Foundation with sole aim to prove his best to the world out there.


Tulsi, a boy with a shy demeanor who hardly speaks, is mischievous enough with high hopes for himself. He is in the 6th standard and studies at Harnand foundation and is also interested in learning computers.

“I have two sisters and I teach them what I learn here.” says Tulsi. Tulsi parents work as domestic helpers and felt privileged and lucky to be among the one sending their kids at Harnand foundation. When asked as to what Tulsi aspires to be, they say “Tulsi wants to become a soldier and fight for the country.”

Tulsi favorite subject is English and says that the words in English fascinates him the most and want to know the meaning of every word in English and have verbal excellence in it to make my parents feel proud. Tulsi therefore proves to the world that the destiny of the deprived is no longer overpowering him and he is not the victim of the curse, he is fighting it out and Harnand foundation is helping him in his endeavor and that’s what makes Tulsi, lucky enough to make a difference.


Manisha is in her teens and is 14 years old. A girl with nothing ordinary to dream off. A girl from Nepali origin feels privileged today to learn English, Mathematics and Hindi at Harnand foundation.

Manisha’s parents know that it is difficult but not impossible to provide their kids the schooling they require and the value education, which will make them a better person to live life of the privileged.

Manisha like any other girl has the dream to fulfill the unfulfilled and wants to become an Air Hostess one day. She just loves the way the Air Hostesses look with an all together polite attitude which she wants to dwell in her too. She is trying and one day she will get there where she aspires to be.


Prakash is a sweet little kid who is also aiming it high for the future. A shy boy and all the more reluctant to speak when asked about what he aspires to become. We approached his parents who told us that he is the younger in the family and has an elder brother and sister and is the most pampered of all. Prakash is very mischievous but understanding too and one good thing is, no matter what Prakash keeps smiling all the time. Prakash’s father works as a helper in an office and cooks meals for the employees and looks after the office. He has high hopes for his children and never would want them to lead a life of the deprived. Prakash’s Mother works as a domestic helper.

All the children in the family including Prakash attends educational classes at Harnand Foundation and their father feels fortunate enough to find one for the kids in the family for them to fulfill what they aspire.

These are the words said by Prakash’s father, “I want Prakash to become an Engineer only if he does his best and I am sure he would. I am trying my best to meet both ends and Harnand Foundation is a real savior for me and I feel my children are blessed to get education there under expert guidance that can show them the light of knowledge to make them a better person and have a better life without the feeling of being deprived in any way”.

Prakash is happy to attend elementary education and is also preparing to go for his computer education at Harnand Foundation.


Living in confined areas doesn’t mean that there destiny gets confined and limited just to the reality of being deprived. Pushpa is a girl with nothing ordinary in her mind to which she is unfortunately destined to. Belonging to the deprived class didn’t in any way made her deprived from the education she deserves.

Studying in the 2nd standard now feels all the more excited to hold the pencil to write alphabets in English, write numbers, has one brother and sister who also go to school. Pushpa’s Mother works as a domestic helper and Father has a tea making stall. Pushpa’s father earns a little but wants to give the best to his daughters and son. Pushpa wants to be teacher and as a teacher aims to enlighten children to grow up as a better human beings, she is also affirmative on it.